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Thank you for your interest in Ascent Aeronautical Academy’s Airplane Classes. We have been flying and instructing for more than 20 years. Ascent Aeronautical Academy is a FAA Approved 141 school and a FAA 145 repair station. Our maintenance is done on our premises by trained mechanics that are on the Ascent Aeronautical Academy staff. This helps for fast turnaround on aircraft and safer for you. We fly the Cessna 172-D. The 172 is one of the most common training airplanes in the industry and well loved by many pilots. An FAA approved simulator is also available to help aid in your training and it counts towards your total flight time. FAA Medical and Flight Examiners are available on site as well as Written Exam testing.

Our company offers financial aid programs thru AOPA, Pilot Financing and if you are in the armed forces, the VA. Most of these programs have low interest rates which can minimize your financial concerns. We are open seven days a week and training is done on a one on one basis. Each student gets a 2 hour block on the schedule and our instructors work at the convenience of the students.

Our main goal is teaching future pilots like yourself and bringing you into the exciting world of aviation. From single-engine to multi-engine to flight instructor courses we train students at their pace. Under our 141 program you will get to fly with and learn from a National Association of Flight Instructors Master Instructor. One of a handful on the east coast. Also learn from our chief pilot who is a former military pilot, FAA employee, and current designated pilot examiner.

We are pleased to offer a 30 minute or 45 minute introductory flight which gives you an opportunity to visit our facilities and a hands on experience to fly in our airplane. All our intro flights can be logged and the time can be taken with you wherever your flying takes you.

Thank you again for your interest and please visit us soon. Good Luck in your new venture.


Ascent Aeronautical Academy


Current Rates:

Flight: $205 per hour
Ground: $65 per hour

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